Net Worth, Lifestyle and Career of Kisha Royse

Kisha Royse is a successful cosmetics artist who has amassed a huge fortune enough to be recognized and now people keep asking to know about her life and net worth. Her cosmetics boutique, SHOP KISH’S MAKEUP AND SKINCARE, has been highlighted in various print and broadcast media.

About Kisha Royse

This successful entrepreneur was given the name Kisha Royse at birth. DHL is popularly known as Kisha Royse and she is a Native American. Royse is one of the most sought-after artists in the world; her work has propelled her to the top of the makeup artistry industry.

Kisha Royse

Early Life

Kisha Royse was born to a wonderful, supportive family. Kisha always had self-control, even as a child. She had an unwavering resolve to achieve her goals. In the long run, she would benefit much from this quality. Kisha continued her education after graduating from high school.

Age, Height and Weight of Kisha Royse

Kisha Royse is a 34-year-old woman whom according to reports, was born in April 1988. The makeup artist stands at just 5’3″. About 54 kilograms is the estimated weight of this woman.

By working out regularly, she hopes to keep her body and health in good shape. Kisha is someone who takes their health seriously and desires to do so for as long as possible. She is aware that maintaining an active lifestyle and consuming nutritious foods are crucial to her success. Kisha enjoys being physically active and engaging in a wide variety of sports.


Kisha Royse is the owner of SHOP KISH’S MAKEUP AND SKINCARE, where she also works as a professional makeup artist. Kisha is a hard worker who takes delight in her achievements. She works tirelessly to provide her customers exactly what they want in terms of service and style. Kisha loves what she does, and it shows in the care and attention she gives to her work.

A picture of Kisha Royse holding make up materials

To guarantee that her customers receive the finest possible service, she is always expanding her knowledge and trying out new methods and goods. Kisha is a genuine artist with a keen sense of observation and a deep commitment to helping her clients feel and look their absolute best. There are other entrepreneurs like Sawyer Hemsley which you may want to read about.

Net Worth of Kisha Royse

Kisha Royse is a highly accomplished makeup artist who has accumulated an estimated net worth of $10 million. She earns an estimated amount of $350,000 per year. As a result, she earns roughly $900 per day, or $29,100 per month.

Family, Marriage, and Lifestyle

In-depth information about the parents and children of the make up artist is currently unknown, however, Kisha Royse, according to reports has a husband whom she is married to and has two children with. The husband of Kisha Royse is known to be a really caring person. He has firsthand experience with the challenges that face entrepreneurs and is willing to lend a hand whenever possible. In addition, he works in the cosmetics industry.

Kisha Royse’s Social Media and Website

Kisha Royse, like other entrepreneurs is also present on the prominent social media platforms and always working hard to make her work better and seen by the world. She also has a website to which people go there to check her work out, and also patronize her services. Kindly find below the details of her socials and website.

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