Current State of Kit Lender and Net Worth 2023

Kit Lender is a successful company in the ski and snowboard clothes and gear rental industry. It was founded by CEO Forrest Shinners, who currently leads the company.

Kit Lender has a devoted customer base and is fast expanding in the ski and snowboard clothes and gear rental industry.

How Kit Lender was Founded

Forrest Shinners, while working as a financier in New York City, had the inspiration for Kit Lender. Here is where he discovered a void in the industry.

Many of his coworkers had an interest in skiing and snowboarding, but they were unwilling to invest in their own equipment.

Logo of Kit Lender

He set up a business that would supply equipment to occasional campers. Forrest, an entrepreneur at heart, resolved to give the venture his all in order to succeed.

Kit Lender Today

Men, women, and kids can all borrow the gear they need for skiing and other outdoor sports from Kit Lender. Accessories including ski trousers, jackets, and hats are also available.

Kit lender Company

The Shark Tank Pitch

He was featured in the ninth episode of Season 11 of Shark Tank. A minimum $200,000 investment contract was all he required. Forrest hoped to strike a deal in which he could acquire at least 7% of the company for $200,000.

The Sharks appreciated the concept, but they had doubts about the feasibility of the enterprise. Unfortunately for Forrest Shinners, he didn’t get a deal on the shark tank show.

Net Worth of Kit Lender

Kit Lender has accumulated roughly $3 million in net worth because to its loyal customer base by 2023. Ingenious strategies and a focus on satisfying customers have contributed to the company’s success.

Source of Revenue

Kit Lender’s outdoor gear rental business model is the company’s primary source of income. High-quality outdoor clothing and equipment, such as coats, boots, snow pants, and more, are all available on their website. The equipment can be sent straight to the buyer’s door.

Kit Lender’s services, including fast shipping, damage protection, and return shipping, all come with additional costs. Customers can save money and lessen their environmental impact by renting equipment instead of buying it. Kit Lender’s rental approach also enables adventurers to test out brand-new equipment before making a permanent investment in it.

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